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In video games, you will have hours of lines where you have to completely create an emotional context for what you are saying out of whole cloth so that each response line sounds different.

This explains so much about the voice acting in some of the games I've been playing lately. It's got to take considerable talent to deliver natural sounding lines under those conditions.

Do you think there's potential to improve how video game VA is recorded, or is it an unavoidable consequence of the volume and scheduling of work?

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This is my favorite answer in the entire AMA.

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Some of my personal favorite puzzles are the ones with the most layers of depth and the most instances of surprise, such as spoiler and SPOILER, and then of course ****.

That second one was my favorite puzzle in the whole game. I wish there had been a bunch more like that.

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Any chance of you guys using a standard RFC6238-based authenticator so we can just add it to our existing authenticator apps instead of having a separate one for Wildstar? My phone is getting kind of cluttered with different authenticators.