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They were only big at the starting line. By the finish I had trouble finding them.

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They are my favorite food. This should not be down voted.

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The first thing we changed was the engines. Today's units make way more horsepower than the original Ford SOHCs. The modern iteration of the car has dual dry block hemis, each generating around 2500 horsepower at an 80% nitro load.

Once we changed the engines we had to upgrade the transmissions, rear ends, and the drivetrain to handle the additional power. We basically upped the material specifications wherever possible.

We made fewer external/aerodynamic modifications. The original car was a slippery beast.

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During our last set of runs, we were using about 6 gallons per mile of a 72% nitro 28% methanol blend.

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I started at age 10. My dad stopped me at age 12. By that time, eight of the ten friends he'd originally started racing with had died while doing so. He actually wanted me to be a lawyer instead. I didn't care for that. My mom was basically always fine with it (and still is).

You can definitely see while driving, and its very important to be aware of your specific location. I had roughly five miles to accelerate (at the most recent event) and the surface conditions changed enormously along that length.