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I've been tempted a few times to take such a photo, but what always stops me is that it sets a dangerous precedent whereby my dad can and will also send me pictures of his monstrous outputs.

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I learned it like a phone number: 602-1023. That somehow made it easier for me to remember. This was back when memorizing phone numbers was still a thing. I was worried that Avogadro's phone number might change.

EDIT: Put the right number

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I don't understand what this picture is demonstrating. Could you please explain it?

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From what I've read about Mars missions (Spirit and/or Opportunity, in particular, I forget which one survived so long), the "mission" is simply what the craft is designed to do. If the craft is still usable beyond the end of it's mission, then they'll keep doing stuff with it until it breaks.

I'm guessing the formal mission of this craft does not consist of flying into the sun and seeing how it does; at the same time, though, that's pretty much bound to happen once the mission is over, and they'll take whatever data they can get from it.

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Do you know much about the Little Caesar's pizza kits that are often sold as a fundraiser for schools? I could swear that those kits are higher quality than the $5 pizzas sold at Little Caesar's stores; do you know if the ingredients or proportions are any different at all?

Crazy bread is the most amazing thing ever, and I totally understand your cravings for it.

Do you remember Little Caesar's from way back before they did the $5 hot-n-ready pizzas? My family used to order from them weekly until the location nearest to us moved. Back then I felt like Little Caesar's was more like Dominos or Papa John's or Pizza Hut, but once they introduced the $5 pizzas it felt like they decided to go a little less on quality in order to save money. Which is fine, it's totally worth $5! But I'd like to know if you'd heard of any major changes in recipe or supplier or something surrounding that program.

Thanks for doing this!