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This is the Denzel response I came looking for... This made my day. I felt like I was right there in the room with him and he was hustlin' me like he's so good at doing on the big screen.

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This is a really important question that I don't believe has really been addressed satisfactorily. Up to this point all we've heard is the typical corporate response: "Changes have been made to better align with the quality that our blah blah blah."

As a loyal Alamo patron, I'd like to know why the Austin menus have been stripped of a number of favorite dishes and plates? Level with us.

Thanks. I love The Alamo!

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This has to be one of the worst executed AMAs I've seen in a long time. It appears as though the Premier's inability to address legitimate questions in real-time will now be addressed "this week", most likely by an aide crafting the most politically contrived responses. This whole AMA is disingenuous. Typical politician.

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(drops mic)

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Don't forget the small penis rule: