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My gp actually prescribed my latest birth control pill as taken continuously and provided some literature and info. It seems to be becoming more accepted. I'd guess your doctor is saying "to be sure" as in "to be sure your not pregnant" but it could be "to be sure that everything is still ticking over as expected".

I was told that they generally give lower estrogen types for continuous use so there's less likely to be a build up, so I guess it wouldn't be ideal to just skip all the periods without reviewing with a professional.

Other reasons to have a period - less chance of spotting (or at least have a bleed if you start spotting), catch any issues early.

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I... I think I have visual snow, at least in that I've always had some static, and I think either phosphines or sctomas - when I close my eyes, with or without a light source I get vivid coloured patches which warp and merge even if I open them again. I honestly thought it was normal. I'm 20 and I can't remember not having it.

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Loved Plague Dogs, and it was my first 'grown up' book that I chose for myself (a dog-eared copy borrowed from a family friend). Took me a while (at 13) to make it to the end, and I spent a good part of it sobbing hysterically. Certainly a favourite.

Thank you for doing this AMA.