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Another PSC/UC’er with multiple other issues checking in....I am at a point where I don’t care anymore. Our health care system sucks, always a new health issue and generally the more I try to be a fighter the more blows I seem to take. Thought of a liver transplant just seems a waste given my issues in general.

EDIT: Gold?! Wow, I'll always remember they day I got cheese on my Original Chicken Sandwich Burger King meal.

thisgrub4u2 karma

For me it's more about my current quality of life, and will I be in a place where an eventual transplant makes a difference. I don't have symptoms yet, but given my other issues I deal with on a daily basis, just not sure I'll have gas left in the tank. I've been sick for 20 years already, now middle-aged so when the time for a transplant comes I'm guessing I'll be 45-55, financial situation, job, career...the road to recovery won't just be my health.