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I found this awesome show through TJ Miller. I loved it right away. Before my brother moved away we did Nine of the ten sauces from last season (sans Sriracha) and it was pure agony. Yet, by the time we finished there was a certain euphoria that you and your guests have pointed out. After two weeks I had a crazy urge to repeat the challenge again. So my wife and I have done so about once every two months.

Obviously with the frequency episodes have been coming out you don't wait that long, but I was wondering what the minimal amount of time between shoots you'll allow? Also what your immediate cool down routine is once the cameras turn off... Thanks!

P.S~ picture proof of pain.



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I wouldn't let his tongue anywhere near my vagina. If I had one that is

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Real deal bud. My wife and I had the first girl in my family in a little over 50 years, so it does indeed feel like I'm living in a doll house

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He's like a new Narduar

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Does it bug you when people "Franco" bite the wings?