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Another colon cancer survivor in their mid 30s here (diagnosed at 29) - if anyone has any questions feel free to send them my way!

To the patient from the OP, how do you deal with colonoscopy prep? Every time it's a nightmare since Trilyte and Moviprep both make me really ill.

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I was diagnosed essentially via colonoscopy with stage 3 colon cancer (pathology was practically a formality) - lost a portion of my colon and several lymph nodes to surgery and had a chemo port installed in my chest for the upcoming 6 months of FOLFOX chemotherapy treatment. Essentially, every other Friday I would go to an infusion center for ~4 hours and then meet a traveling nurse at my home to hook me up to a chemotherapy infusion pump for the next 46 hours.

The side effects ranged from severe (blood clot in my leg due to one of the chemotherapy components) to more mild, with cold sensitivity being one of the more challenging parts. ANYTHING cold was unpleasant or downright painful so I wore gloves and layers often - living in the midwest didn't make this any easier but I was fortunate enough to be able to work while undergoing treatment. My hair did thin and I dealt with a lot of issues other patients deal with such as nausea and poor appetite.

When it returned two years ago the cancer had moved to my rectum and was again treated surgically followed by another round of chemotherapy, lost my gallbladder and had the chemo port re-installed for 6 more months of treatment.

Right now I'm nearly two years out of treatment (again - it's certainly on my mind that it was about this long before a CT scan came back with bad news) but things are going well!

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Can you comment on the nature of the "conflicting opinions" between yourself and William Peter Blatty regarding Exorcist III? It's been said that you enjoyed the idea he envisioned for the film, so I'm curious what led to you drop out of the project.