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Is there an accurate first order calculation that can describe the impact of increasing/cutting government outlays on jobs? I've always used a very basic assumption (mostly for mathematical ease) to assess the impact at $100k of spending per job...as a result, my best estimate for assessing the impact of balancing the budget through spending cuts alone would cost our country ~15M jobs (assuming our deficit is $1.5T)...how accurate/inaccurate would you characterize this analysis?

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If DARPA gave you the opportunity to fund one EXPERIMENT (price tag not an issue), what would it be and why?

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Dinosaurs attained tremendous sizes compared to today's land animals...what allowed them to do that and prevents it from happening to today's animals?

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If you could pick ONE public policy/program that you could implement in our country without having to fight politically to do it, what would it be?

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If any of you were offered a spot on a multi-year Mars exploration trip, would you go? What would be the longest timeframe you would be willing to go for?