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That would be 18 active shooter false positives per month for my kid's school system. That doesn't seem like a problem?

Edit: OP clarified that this is just the automated detection, and there is another layer of human auditing before action is taken.

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I guess I just didn't read the second sentence. Sorry.

This submission is turning out to be a lot of work for you. Best of luck!

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I've been here five minutes and you've labeled yourself "transgendered", "sheepdog", and a "SEAL".

How about we acknowledge that labels are the basis of communication? You don't have to get rid of labels to get rid of prejudice.

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Look at the reaction these people get. Look at all the support they get from their peers.

I'm sorry, but I can't help but believe that these people honestly are only doing this because of the catharsis it brings them. It's not altruism. It's selfish delusion. They honestly think they're the next Martin Luther King.

This is, at best, a mob, and at worst, a group which organizes hate-speech.

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Hey, you remember that time you risked the lives of everyone in your unit on a non-stop basis for basically no reason?

Classic EOD guy!