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thimble-kitten6 karma

What is your perspective on how this form of analysis might help or hinder safety when applied in a national security context? How do you ensure information remains appropriately compartmentalised / confidential if you cast a broader net than relying on small groups of analysts?

thimble-kitten3 karma

Thanks! I think this is an interesting technical challenge if you want to truly crowdsource and ensure that voices with higher “access rights” don’t outweigh the many (if that makes any sense...). I could imagine some sort of approach where information is compartmentalised within different hives and an external agent of some sort than aggregates up to help mitigate this risk.

I’m really eager to follow your work as it unfolds and look forward to participating in the study myself. I can certainly see how this kind of approach could be applied to improve decision making in an organisation like the one I work in.