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Roof or ceiling? That's a pretty important distinction, and I'm not sure if you just use roof for that word down there.

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$1000 off any doll

$1000 off, and you're still obviously making a decent profit there. BRB checking prices.

Edit - daaaaaamn. I could get married and divorced for that. How many of those do you typically sell in a month? What season is your best season? Christmas, or Valentine's day? It's Christmas, isn't it.

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What are your parents like? Do they all have degrees as well, I'd imagine? What kind of economic backgrounds do your families come from?

I ask this because I'm in a (not unique) situation where I have a 3.5 year old daughter who isn't dumb. I'm also fairly poor. So here's my question I guess; this may be beyond your pay scale, but what can I do to break this cycle? The thing I struggle with is not having any point of reference to fall back on in regards to raising my daughter to be the kind of woman I want her to be, especially in regards to schooling.

A quick little insight into what I mean here:

I was enrolled in a gifted programme in public school (that's a whole 'nother discussion altogether now), and I'm 35 with a grade 10 education, if that. Grade 9 I won a Pascal math competition for my school, received a certificate for being in the 75th percentile for my entire country, got a 65 in math that year, failed it the next. The reasons for this are many, but my concern is making sure this doesn't potentially happen with my girl. The problem I'm finding with myself is not knowing what to do in order to limit that possibility.

How did your parents interact with you? How did they foster positive learning habits? How did they challenge you, because you were/are (assumedly) smarter than your average bear? How did they make learning "cool" so you didn't end up on okcupid with bleached blonde hair and bedazzled nails at 21 looking for a "sugar daddie or daddies" (sic).

I ask the economic question because growing up poor means I grew up around (mostly) kids with other poor parents, and those kids are now poor with their own poor little rug rats running around. I don't think this is any sort of ground breaking revelation here, but poverty on average begets more poverty, and this lack of knowledge I'm talking about is one of the reasons for that in my opinion.

Thank you if you read my novel and made sense of it. I don't think you fully grasp how much of an inspiration women like you are in a world full of Iggy Azalea wannabe's. The amount of questions an ama like this receives versus some propped up pop star is...disheartening, to say the least. Thank you again for this.

PS: since we're in a SMRT people thread, anyone that likes doing this type of thing, feel free to grade my post for errors.

It doesn't mean I'm wrong, it means I'm learning™

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Ignoring the whole vape bro stigma for a minute, pick one up if you want to kick the cig habit. I found it way easier tapering down the nicotine content with a vape than trying to quit using gum or cold turkey or just plain cutting back.

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I was just curious

I don't believe you.