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During the recent tension tour, what aspects of the production were amazing on paper but failed in application and vice versa?

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Audio-major here: What's the strangest acoustic phenomenon you've encountered?

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Hey, fellow Crohnsie here!

I've long since discussed my perceived benefits of recreational marijuana use in combination with my current treatment to my family but they seem to have a hard time accepting it. How much would you say marijuana has helped you as far as pain and appetite?

Also what kind of medical treatment are you currently on? Feel free to stop by to /r/CrohnsDisease and visit with us!

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Sounds a hell of a lot better than what I got! Really happy that you and your family made the move so you could feel and be healthier, best of luck.

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I've found the pain relief aspect to be huge for me as well. Are you taking remicade/humira?