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I used to work in a Senator's mail room in DC. We passed on everything to appropriate staff for response, particularly from constituents. With this example, we'd remove the monopoly money and throw it out and pass the letter to legislative staff for response. If it came from a constituent, even if it was a form letter provided to them by an association, they would get a response. A form letter response but a response nonetheless. No correspondence like this would go to the member. If we got several hundred of the same thing we would pull one to show the member so they know the kind of thing people are saying. I believe we had a very standard mail room operation that is replicated throughout the Congress in various forms based on the size of the constituency.

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My wife’s grandfather is a retired LTG going into Arlington one day. What’s that gonna be like? Pretty impressive I would think.

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I'm sad this didn't get answered - it's what I came here to learn.

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Hi! I run an NGO in Malawi that focuses on moving the needle in one rural village through holistic community based programs. I can testify first hand to the fact that Africa's development can never be effectively moved forward without solving the electricity problem. Even our work as a relatively well funded charity is severely hampered by Malawi's inability to provide stable electricity. It is a core issue that affects all others.

Now my question: Can we talk about partnering together to help the community we serve in Malawi?