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I am homeless and have no bills whatsoever other than a storage unit and a gym membership to shower at, and even that is temporary. Any company that wants to collect a debt from me would find me impossible to contact or find. I am entirely untraceable. I never stay in one place longer than 7 months and often that means no longer than one day.

When I need to provide an address for something, I make one up.

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i have never turned down a ride that was going where i wanted to go. plenty of times i have gotten bad vibes and no one has ever tried to hurt me

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on all our behalf, thank you

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Great questions.

Favorite vehicles I have been picked up in: 3 seater plane, school bus, fishing boat being hauled by an ATV, twice i have had free rides from taxis as well.

Worst suspension was a very old cement truck driving for several hundred miles across the remote trans labrador "highway" and I use the term highway lightly, it was mostly a dirt path. Here is my attempt at salvaging the only semi-stable footage of my ride in that truck.

The best trucks are the ones with two bunks and a driver who is willing to let you sleep in one of them and continue driving in the morning.

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most of us dont bring any sort of self defense other than a good head on our shoulders. that is the only weapon which cant be used against you.

if you feel threatened and someone doesn't pull over you always have the option of grabbing their steering wheel and causing a wreck. they will have a hard time kidnapping you.