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For British people who have no idea who Conan O'Brien is here's the Urban Dictionary definition of a 'Tokyo Sandblaster':

A Tokyo Sandblaster is a scatological activity developed by Conan O'Brien for the Conan Show. It is defined as when one person has diarrhea, they place their ass close to their partner's face while firmly pressing their butt cheeks together. They then release their bowels, effectively blasting their partner in the face with a high pressure stream of shit, forcing them to squint and as a result creating the appearance of Asian features.

Stay classy, San Diego

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Knowing Reddit this is happening as we speak. There's also probably another fifty people who've already come up with crappy clich├ęd titles ready to repost to /r/bestof, /r/pics and /r/funny the nanosecond our mystery seamstress delivers.

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Clearly should have lied about your own blood type and gone for one of theirs first.

Rookie mistake, OP

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Taking the catheter out was the most painful 2 seconds of my life. It burned when I peed for a whole day after that.

And that's just the pee tube.

You know those rare occasions where it's ok to tell a little white lie?
This is one of those times.

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Bizarro-Reddit: Where the top comments are filled with Shakespeare references and everyone leaves a little smarter.