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Am a software dev. Have you used jira? Has been the standard in the last four shops that I've worked in.

In my current shop, I've been implementing project tracking in jira for a financial corporation. Also ama if you want.

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I think Jira has become standard because it is relatively cheap, has enough of a backbone to create scripting, querying, and hierarchical issue tracking. Eg: sometimes you have multiple versions of a piece of software being worked on by multiple people, and multiple programs that fall under one business process, and therefore one project.

That's on the complex end, on the simple end you can use it as a simple task chart or bug tracking and submission board.

Jira has also done work to implement some of the major software philosophies such as kanban and agile scrum, and I guarantee the atlassian team has studied the pmbok.

That being said, it can always be done better, and sometimes you have grand opportunities with a new piece of software to overcome limitations of the old, and maybe the best way to do it is to understand the different software management philosophies and integrate them into your software as jira has, and to also understand the limitations of jira and others.

Keep in mind that a lot of these current pieces of software are free for you to try out, I highly recommend doing so.

Keep it up, you have a bright future ahead of you. And speaking from quite a bit of experience, if you build a robust product and find a person who is charming enough to shop it around, there's a chance somebody will buy it.

Keep in mind, there is also money in supporting and updating software that people have already bought... And money in service contracts to provide project tracking etc etc

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What are some of the warning signs we can look for that someone is self-harming or ready to self harm?

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Really? You look great.