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Has another brother ever tried to deny? Or are they no longer "brother status"?

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Top 5 butt's out there right now? Your opinion will trump any other opinion out there, I believe you converted many men from boob men to ass men.

Edit: thanks for the previous response too! pretty sure I got in trouble for singing baby-got-back in school...

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I watched their "press conference" at 9 last night and they're currently unsure of the damage to the launch site. Also, it was a contracted mission to Orbital Science, and there really didn't seem to be any setbacks. I know SpaceX has a scheduled launch in December 9th, and I believe there may be one more before that

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They have plenty of cameras on the launch site itself and I believe theirs will be much higher quality for them to pin point the reason (if footage is needed)

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Knowing what you know from the research to write the story line, O.J.'s incident in Las Vegas and his history of abusing Nicole Brown Simpson, is O.J. guilty for the murders?