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I don't think people ever understood the profound effect to which he a) was emotionally damaged as a youth, and b) did not have a chance to have a childhood, and thus was always trying to recapture it in order to heal that part of himself (and usually in ways inappropriate for what we stereotype as adult behavior, but completely appropriate for an incredibly naive but well-meaning child with more money than god).

Here's hoping he found peace and what he needed in the ever after.

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Agreed. It's a bit of a microcosm/social criticism of our society as a whole too, as - when people are in the spotlight - we see fit to sometimes allow ourselves to mercilessly bash them as though they are no longer human and won't feel it.

Don't get me wrong, anyone who knowingly chooses to enter the entertainment industry has to realize that - when you benefit from the great entertainment spectacle, you're also going to sometimes suffer for it. But the voracity with which we pursue such endeavors (esp. when it is not warranted and/or has little basis in anything other than petty /mean-spirited human nature) is mind boggling.

And perhaps the saddest thing about him (and a lot of child stars) is that he had no choice in the matter, but still had to deal with all of the consequences of it nonetheless.

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No problem/my pleasure, and thank you so much for sharing. The picture you painted was something I had recently come to suspect when he died and I really started reading up on him (also being older prolly helped too), and it's nice to have that affirmed (largely as I'd like to see the best in him and most people).

But anyways - sidetracked - most importantly/again, thanks for sharing :)!