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Wow, that's pretty big!

EDIT: fixed a number, thanks paulofmandown!

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The CV you linked to lists "Royal Humane Society Award for Bravery 1984", what did you get this for :) ?

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"... pretty cool, period, colon close bracket"

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Back in the days of the Soviet Union, it was illegal to insert a space after punctuation marks. This was in order to save paper, the empty space was seen as decadent. Also, double quotation marks were not allowed, only single ones.

In these days of electronic messages, empty space hardly comes at a cost anymore, but it still remains a custom, even among youths, in many former Soviet Union countries.

tl;dr Don't know.

P.S. Did you mean to write a comma between "Why" and "don't", it alters the meaning of your sentence.

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Sorry to hear that. Sound like you did all you could. Was it related to your work, or was it an unrelated incident?