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Has there ever been a secret that you read and just broke down after? What's one that has always stood out to you?

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For example, the ISDS international tribunal that can levy fines on nations that pass laws which can potentially harmful their bottom lines.

I dont know how many times this has to be debunked on reddit. That isnt a reason a firm can file an ISDS claim. It is not in the TPP, and never has been.

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I don’t know of the deterrent is to punish prosecutors. Their job is to prosecute. Prosecutors already have to evaluate the case at each stage and have the obligation to prosecute to the fullest extent that they believe they can get a conviction.

The solution really is to fund public defence attorneys and provide good legal services to defendants who need it. Get rid of cash bail is a big thing too.

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Do you have any crazy hockey parent stories from your time as a scout? What was the craziest thing to happen to you at the rink?

Also, thank you for all the work you do with YCP!

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Users of /r/badeconomics are also known for their internet bullying of other users if they feel like you don't know as much economics as they do,

Users in bad economics link to posts that contain bad economics, and explain why its bad. Often, people will come in to defend their posts (without evidence) and demonstrate a lack of understanding of economics.

or if you don't agree with their opinions a lot of the times.

This tells me that you arent in the sub at all. There are a number of examples of debates BE has had. We have no issue with people disagreeing with anyone (or any of the commonly held positions in the sub), you just need to do so intelligently. The people who have a bad time in the sub, usually throw out wild conspiracy theories, have no evidence to cite (it doesnt even need to be good evidence, just make a fucking effort) or ultimately resort to "economics doesnt real because neoliberalism" or something of that nature. One debate that sticks in my mind is the econometrics of the GWG, there was also a pretty good discussion on the TPP and its IP provisions.

They will make fun of you in their threads and sometimes even username ping people so that they see other people making fun of them.

We get snarky when people continue to claim theyre right, even though they provide no evidence to support their position, and then declare "this sub doesnt like its views challenged". Please, challenge our views, but have more than a salon.com article to support it.