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From the SimMars Team, and as a fellow Simcity music lover (from 2k, 3k, 4, and hopefully 5), hello!

  • Does the music consist of several tracks playing simultaneously, so that when you switch layers or views, different music is playing but all at the same tempo and key signature?

  • I'd like to make a SimCity music album that is compatible with the new Simcity. Can I replace the ingame music with my own, and with the same synchronization features? (I would have different tracks for different layers and views of course).

  • Any update on the plans to add mod support?

Finally, congrats on Simcity 5 2013!

Edit: If you were wondering, I made several songs in SimMars, such as Untouched, Sandbox, and Maglev, and made the SimMars Launcher, and am the (only) mod for /r/SimCityMusic! (shamelessplug)

Edit 2: Changed Simcity 5 to Simcity 2013

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Go download Wikipedia!


by the end you won't have much up to date information, but its still more up to date than most encyclopedias out there.

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Right click Lync in the task tray -> Exit

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Oh, the days of MSN..

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I'm the lead dev here, whats the best pitch to the boss for implementing exchange and Lync, either on-site or O365?