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I did a gig opening up for Wales' top Pink Floyd tribute act around 9 months ago, there were around 400 people there, which for me is a large crowd. I'd been on the bill for a while, so a lot of people had listened in advance. Hearing a massive round of applause to one of my songs is one of the greatest feelings I can fathom!

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I actually run a one-man PC repair business in my town. I decided to go self employed for the reason that working for someone else gives me limited flexibility for taking time off to travel to gigs etc, so working for myself is great, and I get a regular income to cover my equipment, maintenance and petrol costs.

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Ask my missus ;)

EDIT: You guys...

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It's early days, I just really really lucky at the moment, well aware that it could all, and likely might go south!

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Fear? Fear is what drives us my friend. I'm terrified every single time I go busking, or show a new song to my friends, or play a gig. Fear keeps me grounded and the adrenaline that comes with positive feedback after being terrified makes it all worth it.

Do something for me, get yourself out there. Write, record, play, share :)