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Hey Dan. It's spencer.

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I think I would eat them if they were small cupcakes, but the bigger they were, the less likely I would be to eat them.

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no clue

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the idea is to break as many backs and necks as you can, as fast as you can. the second you break a coyote neck you have yourself a weapon to use on the rest of them. You want to stay on your feet, avoid getting grappled by their jaws, as you break necks and spines, hoping to cause enough damage to scare off the pack. you want to be punching throats, noses and eyes. Never get in a tugging fight with a coyote, they're great at pulling things, you need to get them off the ground, they can't pull you down if they're not touching the floor. you're punching noses and throats to fend off the ones that lunge, you're picking up and suplexing or snapping coyote backs and necks, you're swinging dead/dying coyotes around as improvised weapons, that's your best bet, if unarmed. Also probably you won't have to fight coyotes, they're usually pretty cool and scared.

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I think video games and magic the gathering inspire it the most. I think pokemon, zelda, and saga frontier (1) were probably the most influential in terms of video games, but mega man also always captures my imagination.