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We are launching an updated website soon (in November), and it will be available in the European Union. We appreciate your patience.

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We have made unlimited access to our website free at all public libraries in the state, and all have computers available to the public. We will also have the weekly print edition available for home delivery.

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We are breaking trail, and we expect some other legacy newspapers to follow. It's a particularly difficult move for a newspaper in a publicly traded for-profit chain, but for other, smaller newspaper companies, we hope to be a model. Yes. it's pretty much from scratch.

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The news industry in general is moving away from mere page views to develop more audience loyalty. We offer quality, and that has a more lasting effect than the momentary rushes on clickbait and disinformation sites.

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Definitely pro-active. We are not shrinking in any way from our journalistic role in Utah. We're just going where the readers are, and more and more that is digital.