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What has been your worst accident to date?

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What are the perks of being an employee?

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Because you're 15, will you occasionally need new prosthetic leg because you're still growing? And how is sports and other physical activity? In your opinion do you manage well?

Also just want to say that the third one that's mirrored actually looks pretty damn cool.

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Hi Alex i think you are a great inspiration for not just people with down syndrome and illness's like yours, but for everyone. What i would like to ask is even though you are high functioning, do people ever judge you and do things differently because of this condition? If so then what are some instances of things like this happening

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Cool thanks for answering!

ooh i just got another by reading your answer. If only one leg is present to physically get tired, could you just put all (or most) activity on the prosthetic till the other is ready to go again?