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It is neither lawful nor legal.

Sovereign citizen bullshit, lol

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I actually heard someone say that gas stations don't really care about prices at stations across the street as much as they do stations along the same side of the street as they. Is that true?

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Must be nice to have a job that will let you just take months off at a time lol 😋

EDIT: Lol who the fuck is downvoting this, I'm being serious, this guy is able to take months of time to just stop working and fo live his life. That's awesome. It must be nice, literally, to be able to do that.

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To be fair, alcohol is worse than smoking, imho. The fact that it is still legal even though it causes the single largest number of vehicle fatalities in the US is crazy.

This being said: Prohibition doesn't work. We've tried that before and it created the environment we now have with alcohol, instead of a more mature and responsible relationship.

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What sorts of qualifications do you have to have in order to have a job like yours?