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theresaviking165 karma

Oh god you just brought back a repressed memory of me and a stripper talking for half an hour about how I can't get emotionally involved with girls I'm seeing and how I'm probably never going to be able to "find love".

I got that dance for free.

theresaviking63 karma

You sound like a very down to earth and easy going guy. I hope everything works out for you.

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I imagine you making a comeback after your humanitarian mission and using your knowledge there to win matches;

Rogan: And Grodolski has Wren in a rear naked choke! But what is this! Justin Wren is hiking out of the octagon with Grodolski on his back!
Goldie: This is just incredible Joe!
Rogan: But wait! Wren is negotiating with Grodolski's management... and... yes! He's done it!

A second Octagon is wheeled out to the side.  

Rogan: It seems Justin Wren has bought Grodolski his own Octagon to free him from fighting for a living!
Goldie: It's the liberator!
Rogan: We haven't seen that move in the ring since Lincoln!

theresaviking21 karma

What got you started 30 years ago?

theresaviking15 karma

Yeah I stared at that for way longer than I'd care to admit. Oh shit I just admitted it.