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Jim, I'm super excited that I got to be here on time for this AMA, thanks for doing. Before I ask my questions I wanted to start by saying that your character on Parks and Recreation, Garry Gergich, is my favorite character on the whole show. Moreso than anyone, he was always excited and willing to participate. He took such a great amount of pleasure from everything in life, and I think that of all the characters in the show, yours is the best to emulate. Most people can't be Leslie or Ben. Not everyone can change the world, or lead others to do so. But everyone can be a Jerry Gergich. Everyone can show up, roll up their sleeves, and help. Even when they mess up, or make a fool of themselves, they can, like Larry, pick themselves up and move on. You played the most important character on the show because you showed that no matter who you relate to on the show, everyone can keep trying and trying, and that something good can come from that. That life is something to marvel at. Thanks. I hope others see your work on the show as being as uplifting as I do.

For my questions: Are there any moments that were cut involving Terry that you felt added to or expanded the character? Or moments that you just really enjoyed? Any word on what the box set of the whole series will look like or include? Maybe a stuffed Li'l Sebastian or a Pawnee parks guide?

Thanks for the AMA and the years of laughter on Parks and Recreation.

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Given the order the question was asked in, and the order of the responses, this is almost like a veiled threat to Spike Jonze.

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But then who's gonna spit on it?