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Wow this is a really honest answer! You're awesome!

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Yo T-Swinny, Snowpiercer looks dope, your body of work is magnificent. 2 questions.

What's the best song you've heard in the last week?

What recent on set experience jumps out most in your mind?

Ok, 3 questions.

Was We Need to Talk About Kevin anywhere near as intense to film as it was to watch?


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Hey Drea,

I just started watching the Sopranos recently and I love what you brought to Adriana! Few Questions:

  1. Adriana is a huge music head and I'm interested to know: What's the best song you've heard in the last week?

  2. I read that you're from Queens and you've played up the accent in some of your roles, but I've also seen actors give great performances with pretty bad accents. So, how important do you think the authenticity of accents are in performances?

  3. You initially went to Tisch to be a director, so when did the switch to acting happen and why? Did a background in directing help or hurt in your work as an actor? Do you still direct, are you working on anything now?

Thanks a lot for the AMA!

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These answers are so great and very thorough! Your decision to study directing sounds like something most college kids can identify with: wanting to get into something that you love vs. feeling kind of bad about it. I think it's really interesting that all my film school friends are dying to work with film and you're calling it archaic

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Thanks for the responses! Walking out of the theater after WNTTAK, my friends and I just had real heavy conversations. This song is pretty cool. Reminds me of this song which you might also like.

Care to elaborate on The Beach accident?