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I'm a civil engineer and this AMA doesn't make any sense. Environmental scientists spend almost no time on energy generation.. those are engineers and planners jobs. Most environmental scientists do a lot of lab testing, environmental policy, and field work.

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Hocking Hills looks beautiful! Also did not know the others are free to visit, definitely will keep this on my list when I visit the midwest

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I've been shooting as a travel/nature amateur photographer using Sony mirrorless ever since the NEX-5 and haven't looked back (A7iii now). I was relatively new to photography and never quite understood why people always stuck with full size DSLRs for difficult locations such as long hikes or remote locations. The downside of mirrorless is the battery life, but it was never hard to carry a few spare batteries. This new gen of Sony a7 cameras use much larger batteries and have leaped past DSLRs tech-wise.

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I live in the west and have experienced State and National Parks that are well known, such as Yosemite NP, Sequoia NP, Grand Canyon NP, Zion NP, Redwoods SP. What do the Ohio SPs have to offer in comparison to these western parks?

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Are you really even qualified to answer questions about energy generation? Wouldn't a Senior or City Engineer or Planner be more responsible for this kind of work?