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theplait139 karma

Ok! Hello Bite Force and Minotaur! Congrats on your runs (and title, Bite Force).

To questions!


  1. Does "It's robot fighting time" translate well into Portuguese?

  2. How satisfying would it have been to remove Tombstone's tyres?

  3. Who would Minotaur's ideal tag team partner be?

Bite Force;

  1. When people were predicting non-Bite Force robots to win, how did you react?

  2. How did it feel to watch HUGE turn into a clusterbot?

  3. Who would Bite Force's ideal tag team partner be?

theplait132 karma

OK! Congrats on making the semis (and giant bolt, Lock-Jaw). To questions!


  1. How surprised were you that the win against Bronco was by KO given how little time was left in the fight?

  2. Did you expect to stay in the ring against Bronco?

  3. Do you think you've lived up to the title of "The Fearless Family"?


  1. How surprising was it that you didn't have to fight Tombstone?

  2. How surprised were you to see Bombshell catch fire?

  3. What's the funniest fight you've had?