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What do you think of Westboro Baptist Church ?

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I've tried to play pool a few times, but it just seems like my brain doesn't get it at all !! I might be the world's worst player ever...

What would be the first few tips you'd give to someone like me, so I can enjoy playing it more and more efficiently ?

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Don't you find it sad that people like you, working on such fundamental topic for our existence do an AMA and gets 500 comments, and some girl working for a pornographic company gets thousands of comments within the same period of time ?

Don't you think people got it all wrong from the start ?

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Anything released by Tam89 is a good guide to anything.. I have the complete collection !

The Nevermind the Taqwacores is a great one by the way !

So what's you're opinion on "taqwacore" ?

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I know this already...

I was kinda expecting something more develloped I guess, but I got the general idea haha...