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...Oh no you didn't.

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Hi Mr. Woods. I live in your district. I'm a fairly conservative guy, but not in the social, "moral majority" kind of way. I don't particularly care for your opponent, but I agree with him on certain issues such as fiscal conservatism and an end to warrantless government surveillance. To be honest, I had barely even heard of you until I stumbled upon this AMA. What, if anything, do you think would make someone like me want to vote for you as opposed to Matt Salmon? (Or as opposed to the other possible outcome, which involves staying at home out of disgust.)

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As I understand it, Mr. Salmon likes to drape his opposition to net neutrality in the guise of championing free enterprise. Frankly, I find that nauseating.

I would agree with you that the military budget could use reform, and that a chunk of the military budget could be better spent elsewhere. In general, do you feel that the government should meet its goals by reallocating existing revenues as opposed to raising taxes or deficit spending?