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theothergotoguy3 karma

Does the collapse of the USSR or the breakup of Yugoslavia fulfill any of your criteria for a collapsed society? If so, which ones? I'm intrigued by the recentness of those.

theothergotoguy2 karma

I was around then.. Watching the USSR collapse vindicated all the things the US was saying. It collapsed, the satellite states regained their independence and their national identity. Minimal turmoil other than people figuring out how to run their own lives. I'm fascinated by the phenomena. Patriotism rose and the world is better for it? Yet to be determined. We're in the middle of a rebuilding phase for the ex-soviet states. Look at Kazakhstan! Despite the corruption etc, they seem to have come out better on the other side. I agree Yugoslavia was a microcosm and having seen the racial divisions that were reinforced by the then Govt to keep the peace, I'm convinced that it was a fake society only held together by the forced compliance by the corrupt Govt.