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i don't even see those words anymore, just that obama vector...

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In my research, I have found many testimonials of certain Ayahuasca retreat centers being staffed by shamans of questionable lineage, and practicing some pretty questionable customer service - like the shaman at Shimbre who intentionally hid the death of a young man at his center.

My question is this: Who administers and oversees your Ayahuasca sessions? What is their background? What can you tell me to convince me that they are legitimate, knowledgeable practitioners of such a powerful and transformative medicine?

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What a cool project! My wife and I walked 3100 miles across america in 2012, and the trip had profoundly positive impacts on our relationship. I would have loved to be interviewed by you. Keep up the good work!

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I wasn't trying to say the Shimbre incident was common, and you didn't really answer my question: who administers YOUR company's ceremonies, and how do you ensure that your clients are in good hands during the ceremonies?

edit: also, thank you for sharing this medicine and cultural experience with people. assuming you're on the up and up, you're doing an amazing thing for humanity.

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Awesome AMA. Maybe I will survive a wildfire because of this someday.

I have boring money-related questions, but I hope you answer them:

  • Is this your primary employment?
  • Do you have any other employment/income?
  • How much do you get paid / how many hours per week or days per year do you work? I would assume your work is very dependent on how hot the fire season is, and I'm curious how this works. If there are no fires, what do you do?