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So specific!!

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If you're not adding cocaine to coca-cola...you should start to do that

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It’s helping him to get wealthier at the expense of idiots who fall for his bullshit.


Edit: Here's my problem with /u/RoyChoi, so this doesn't get buried:

Roy Choi came from a family who emigrated to the US back in the 1970s. Did his family cry to the government for handouts? Did they ask for welfare? Fuck no. They started a slew of businesses, which eventually became successful. His family literally achieved the "American Dream" within ONE generation. That's fucking incredible. Most native US-born people will never achieve that type of success.

Now, Roy wants to "end food insecurity" and other kind-of noble things, but he's going about it all wrong. In reality what he SHOULD be doing is the following:

  • Explaining how his parents worked their asses off to create so many small businesses and how they found success. What did they do that other people could learn from?

  • Roy Choi basically started the "gourmet food truck" industry. He was able to do this by coming up with an idea to get around bullshit government regulations/zoning laws. He broke the rules. And that's another thing he should be teaching people. Not to break the law, but to learn how to see issues and come up with creative solutions.

  • Inner cities don't have problems with food because people are racist, they have problems with food because no people want to open a store/restaurant in a high-crime area with low-margins if they're going to have to deal with tons of theft and other problems.

The solution to Roy's problem are things he can help with:

  • Make micro-loans to inner-city residents who want to start businesses

  • Offer online courses/videos teaching people how to start businesses, write business plans, apply for funding, finding investors, getting started on a micro-scale, etc.

  • Collaborating with other small-business owners about how to help people create businesses

  • Working with people to help get rid of bullshit government regulations that hamper small businesses and make it difficult/impossible for people to start businesses in the US.

  • This answer, for example, is basically worthless. "Demand change?" What change? How about getting the government out of the way so that it's easier for people to open food carts? How about abolishing bullshit permits for food carts? How about abolishing government zoning laws that make it ridiculously difficult to start a business? How about abolishing laws that make it illegal to give away food? How about abolishing laws that make it illegal to grow and sell your own produce? Did you know that? That it's illegal to grow food and sell it without a government permit? Etc. Roy needs to do WAY MORE research in this area to find out what's actually causing these problems. The answers will more than likely surprise him.

That's the problem with virtue-signaling SJWs. They want the government to do the work for them, when in reality it's the government that has caused the problems in the first place.

I grew up in an area of the country where a farmer with 1-2 acres of land and a road-side stand could make a living. Now that's illegal.

Imagine if this was still true for cities in the US? Imagine if someone in Detroit/LA/St. Louis could start a local farm and sell his food without having to deal with bullshit government regulations/permits. That would create so much wealth closer to the cities that it could change inner-cities entirely within a very short period of time.

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The attack happened 30 years ago. Chances are the people at those companies aren’t even working there any more. Have you had any progress in this lawsuit?

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Got it, so more wasteful government spending which will only incentivize homeless people to move to the warm year-round climate of San Diego (thus exacerbating the homelessness problem), and will also tax everyone else and increase the exodus of taxpayers from CA to neighboring states such as Nevada, Arizona, and Texas.