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I use to work at an airport. When I went to the foodcourt one day, I saw a cardboard standup of you by one of the restaurants. I bought it off of one of the employees who was going to keep it himself for 50 dollars and took it home on the bus with me. Many a stares I received from strangers as I towed you under my arm, you tipping a bottle of frosty Dos Equis to every passerby.

Took it home where it stayed in our apartment for several years. You didn't survive the latest move, but I just wanted to say you were an important part of those years and were the life of many a party, even in cardboard form. My friend used you to introduce himself to a girl he would later date for several years. Good times.


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I think you mean Colorade. It's called Colorade now.

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Yes! This actually happened!

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What are your hobbies/what do you do in your free time?

What's your favorite music?

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Get a life dude.