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It's amazing how email brings families together these days. When I was a junior in college, and wicked hungover on a Sunday morning, I got an email from my uncle that my mom and I hadn't heard from since I was 9. I spent a good two hours confused, talking to my mom, and just being like, are you fucking kidding me?

He and my mom got to talking, and became super close again. He sent her recovery flowers when she had cancer, she made a trip out to him shortly after that. He died of a massive heart attack a few years later(directly related to alcoholism and drugs when he was younger), but it was well and truly after they had made their peace and become friends again. Never would have happened 10 years prior with similar circumstances. Yay internet!

TL:DR - Uncle that I hadn't heard from in over 10 years found me thanks to some info on a college website. Reunited with my mom before he died, incredibly healing for everyone.

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How do your friends in college react to your situation?