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As an MP, do you have any ideas on how the government may respect free speech and encourage it by encouraging independent journalism--not through funding (which is ultimately control, or will come and go), but through laws scrutinizing media monopoly? It's a bit tricky when the government gets involved here, as we know, but how may "an enlightened insider" help encourage the state to "de-propagandize" itself, not through state media, but by watching its ally of corporate media and its state financial breaks? So...how to guard against media monopoly without restricting media? Thank you.

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Thank you for your work. Congratulations on Iceland's new constitution, from which perhaps the US could learn, and innovate its own. CBS Evening News, of our mainstream media of course, reported that Bradley Manning "knew what he did was wrong." (http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50141935n) Unfortunately, this type of coverage is how many Americans receive their news--even on what should be an earth-shaking example of the limitations of corporate media, its role in a democracy, and the need for leaks, acts of redefined journalism, and whistleblowers. How may the ice be further chiseled so that the deep ramifications of the acts of Bradley Manning and others, and WikiLeaks, are not drowned in the shallows?