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That was the toughest article I had to get through in a while but that is a testament to your writing style. What do you think are the ways we can fix this culture of violence? Do you think pop culture is to blame?

As a member of the media, what are the steps you can take to stop this kind of problem?

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Mr. Zahn, you are the reason I wanted to be a writer ever since my mom brought me home a copy of "Last Command" she found at the grocery store when I was 9 years old (I read em backwards, by accident, oh well). By the end of my time in the Star Wars Expanding Universe, I would only be picking up your books to read. You are not only my favorite SW author but one of my favorite authors in general. Thank you so much for everything.

SO MY QUESTION: What does your typical "writing day" look like? How much time do you set aside? Where do you write? It is the hardest motivator for me with work and school to make room for writing.

I still have yet to meet you and shake your hand but one day I hope I can! And I'll be bringing a big stack of hardcovers so I apologize in advance.

Much love and MTFBWY.

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Wow! Thank you so much for the response, I'm smiling end to end over here.

This is great advice, thank you. Hopefully whenever I finally meet you I'll be able to tell you that it worked!