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Like many things in the world, because people make a lot of money off things staying the way they are, and said people also have a lot of power to keep things the way they are.

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Although I only have 1 example, I had an ER bill that was close to $1k with insurance, tried to negotiate the creditor down, no dice, never paid it, still havent seen it on any of the 3 bureaus, and this has been several years now. All in all, I think it just depends on what collection agency ends up with it. I would imagine most report and I likely just got lucky.

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Only in the medical industry is this a fucking thing I swear to god. In no other business could you perform work for a customer, fuck it up, then have the audacity to bill the customer for your fuck up. But thats just another day in the medical world.

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Curious was it a CA125? As well did you happen to have a BOT? Feel free not to answer if this is too personal, but my wife went through this, so Im just curious other's experiences. If it was the CA125 that was denied, hopefully OP and your medical provider can help with this, although not 100% accurate in everyone, its an essential test that can make a HUGE difference in how they proceed with surgery and the generalist RN that reviews the paperwork likely has no idea, hopefully your obgyn onc can help convince them.

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Theyre actually always correcting, the article is a bit unrelated but goes into how an attitude indicator works about halfway through. https://flatearthinsanity.blogspot.com/2016/09/flat-earth-follies-planes-would-have-to.html?m=1