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Agent Orange was one of a group of 6 different dioxins used as herbicides during the Vietnam war era. They are often referred to as the rainbow herbicides, AGENTS: Green, Pink, Blue, Purple, White and Orange. They are highly toxic and cause dozens of forms of cancer, hormonal disruptions, and birth defects. 5 times more US personnel were killed by these than were killed in combat operations; over 400,000 and counting. And countless as Vietnamese as well.

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The VA made me wait 4 years for care. My cancer was treatable when I first went in. I loathe them, they waited long enough for the cancer to kill me before giving me care. This story is repeated too often.

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I've been back since. In 2008 and I'm going back soon. I was there to see where I previously deployed and made my reasons clear. I was treated with an insane level of respect I was not prepared for. I was shocked. The Vietnamese are a strong, proud, and noble people.

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I think that would be wonderful to work with him, however the difficulty will be in getting a hold of him. Let's see if this IAmA helps. Thank you!

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Yes. Countless Vietnamese are still being affected and they were a powerful, fearless, and worthy adversary. I have nothing but respect for them. My life has always been about service.