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And piss...

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Former Catholic here, I think you're wrong. The Catholic Church has been bleeding parishioners, nuns and priests for decades now. My dad's church, once a huge congregation, is closing. There's only about 12 or 13 parishioners who show up on any given weekday and maybe 50 on the weekends. 59 years ago that number was in the hundreds. There's just very little to keep younger people there anymore. It's been so inflexible that there's nothing left to relate to.

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Did you fall as part of the ACT or accidentally?

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Absolutely. My family owned a construction company in the Midwest. When I built a home in silicone valley, the amount of building regulations we're easily five to ten times that of other areas. Our home had something like 33 inspections required during the build. (In the Midwest the averarge might be 5) Each inspection cost I think.. $500, and took us 6 weeks to schedule. Every third inspection they would find something we needed to fix. Sometimes it was super arbitrary stuff, like the bathroom window needs to be moved up by 3 inches because of.. some regulation. Some of these extra regulations make sense, because the bay is in earthquake country, but a lot of it seemed like extra beurocracy. Now factor in the fact that most of your construction crew cant actually afford to live locally.. our guys had to drive about an hour in every day just to work. Construction equipment also had a 50-200% 'califoria upcharge' which is just because.. everything in the bay area costs more. I could go on.