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themarbz921 karma

Hey Aktarer -- awesome to have you back and really appreciate what you've built here.

While I love the sentiment around asking the community what to do with the "extra" cash, I would really suggest you hold onto the money for 6 months or so until you're sure that this fight isn't going to come around and pull you back into a courtroom. Those people gave you those donations to ensure that you survive, so let's be sure you do :)

Also, just a word of warning for those using the site to fly internationally -- often it might make sense to book a trip to somewhere like Russia for cheap, and then plan to get off at your stopover city in Europe or wherever. However, if the end destination country (that you never really intended on visiting) requires a visa (that you have no intention of actually getting), the airline could request proof and not let you on the plane. I almost just did this on a flight from JFK to Geneva and thankfully someone pointed it out to me before I pulled the trigger.

themarbz153 karma

Yup, I'm sure you'll do the right thing -- I appreciate the response!

Big fan by the way -- I'm actually in business school now and your name comes up all the time as someone who just bootlegged a ridiculously useful product out of nowhere. So many people here are trying to figure out how to disrupt the airline industry and you really nailed it. Keep at it!