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If they tell you, "you will avoid execution if you score below 65" would it be easy for a neurotypical person to purposefully fail it? Like, what's to stop your run of the mill murder from purposefully bombing the IQ test?

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I feel like this is already the case for most grad students :( When I did my PhD there were a ton of students who came from well-off families (had gone to private universities without taking on any debt). Students’ parents were helping with rent, car payments, phone bills etc. There were also a disproportionate number of students whose parents also were professors. It takes a lot of support to put your life and savings and retirement on hold for 6+ years (and for often times abysmal job prospects). The whole thing is stacked against people from poorer backgrounds who can’t take those kinds of risks.

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I don’t understand how that works though... if everyone gets 1000 a month extra as UBI, won’t rent automatically go up? Genuinely asking how something like UBI doesn’t result in a proportionate rise in cost of living

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Our target has self checkout

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Do you exercise? Running sometimes helps me regulate my sleep