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thelolzmaster132 karma

I recently read the Neuralink white paper and it seems they’re at 10x the previous SOTA in sheer number of probes as well as having built a robot to perform the implant operation, custom electronics, materials, and software. With the amount of funding they presumably have do you think anyone in academia is able to compete on the problem? Are you aware of any other big players in the BCI space? I get the sense that there is very little real work being done in the area despite its significant applications. Is this because it is early in its development?

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Thank you for the fantastic reply. I have some follow up questions. What are the main bottlenecks in BCI technology today? If it's not the number of probes is it simply the biocompatibility? Is it the software? Is it the signal processing? What are the landmarks on the way to BCI in clinical use in your opinion?