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There was actually a weird case with something like that in Crown Casino in Melbourne (Kakavus v Crown - http://www.australiancontractlaw.com/cases/kakavas.html)

Kakavus had signed one of those forms, and applied to Crown later to let him gamble again - giving them assurances that his addiction had been concluded. They restored his ability to gamble, and over a course of a year turned over (and lost) a staggering amount of money.

Kakavus sued Crown, claiming that they acted unconscionably, and that they exploited his disability as a problem gambler.

The High Court dismissed the claim (see summary at http://www.hcourt.gov.au/assets/publications/judgment-summaries/2013/hca25-2013-06-05.pdf). It's worth having a look at.

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What is the best reason to play SimAirport instead of Airport CEO?

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Do other countries have the same issues bees dying as the US do? Has (for instance) Australia being so geographically isolated prevented the same problems from occuring?

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Hi Ellen! I absolutely loved your work in Portal.

I'm curious - are there any games that you've turned down that you've later regretted?

If I may also indulge in a second question... Which operas (that you're yet to sing) do you really really want to do?