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Whats the most disheartening aspect of serving in a war that the majority of the world doesn't want nor believe in?

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Was it hard to setup? how do the goods get shipped? I volunteered in Tanzania last year and want to figure out a way to help the community there, and this sounds like a great idea...

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Sent yesterday - I'm hoping the can do it! fingers crossed :)

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Awesome thanks so much - ill flick them an email this afternoon. What country are you based in by the way? I'm in australia...

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That's awesome. So you basically buy off the charities and they handle the shipping once the online order is placed? I was associated with African Impact so I might see if they have any connections as well, they have heaps of programs and are quite large - thanks for the advice. Do you have any contacts I could maybe get in touch with? Awesome idea by the way!