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I've heard those complaints a million times, but there are some days when you catch them saying stuff like ." It's amazing that with only some clicks I can have all this information and I no longer have to go through all the paperwork work to find a file that may be empty." Or " I'm glad this computer has everything written already, I have a dinner with my wife".

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Hii! Thank you for doing this AMA!! This is a very strange phenomena to me! How bacteria can share the DNA between species. Something that is so difficult for us and they use it as a way of communicating.

...So, we had a couple COVID patients that where intubated, got rid of COVID, successfully extubated. But, they now where infected by B. cepacia.

We gave double antibiotics (Tigecyclin and Colistin), but, didn't work. Do you have any experience with it? Should we burn the hospital?

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I understand. Thank you for your answer, I really hope I can go there one day and help.

This is the is his Instagram if you want to take a look. https://www.instagram.com/blackjaguarwhitetiger/

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Hello Craig! First I'd like to Thank you for your work and perseverance. I would like to know your opinion on how the whitetigerblackjajuar foundation, specially the way they "play" with the kitties. Do you think it is correct to be so confident around them? Have you collaborated with them in any way?. Thanks.

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How long do you think it will take it to be an accesible procedure?